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First Time for Everything!

Welcome to the Southern Palette Art Studio blog “Type like Nobody’s Reading”

I am the IT Guy here helping Kandace Joy with the IT stuff while she concentrates on the creative side of things. How I became the IT guy is a story for another day but always be wary of what the wife might say to someone!

So Kandace says what do you know about blogging? My reply I have read some and so here I am!

I am a complete novice but ready to give it a try so I am happy to accept advice and ideas about what you want to hear about.

The focus will be the Art Studio. Kandace is always looking for new art forms aside from painting, so ideas are always welcome.

Here is the link to the website: Southern Palette Art Studio Webpage

You need to get on the mailing list to get the monthly newsletter for the latest and greatest. The studio has a huge range of art projects as well as special themed nights. Also make sure you get on the Facebook page: Southern Palette Art Studio.

Kandace is always posting new information.

We have over 3000 followers on Facebook and continue to grow.

Hopefully I wasn’t too boring and you will come back!

The IT Guy (former Chemist from Down Under)

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