Painting Levels

        Level 1

If you feel that you have no artistic ability or have never held a paint brush (you think you need a glass of wine before you start), this is your level.  I'm proud of you, you're here!  Let's do this!!!​

Level 2

You have some artistic ability.  You're not afraid to try something new.  You have some confidence in your abilities.  Go for it!  Try level 2, we're here to help and support you at every brush stroke.

Level 3

Look at you!  You've done this before and you know your way around a canvas.  Or maybe you just "know" you can do this, you can feel it!  Chose level 3, You've got this!!!

Regardless of what level you're at, choose a painting that you really like, we'll help you.

And no matter what level you choose or your artistic ability, remember to PAINT LIKE NOBODY'S WATCHING!!!

Thank you for visiting and remember:

                Paint Like Nobody's Watching!

                                                                                             Kandace Joy

Southern Palette Art Studio

1211 Boundary Street, Suite A

Beaufort, South Carolina 29902

(843)441-8338  or (315)409-5636

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