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"Paint like nobody's watching"


     Welcome to Southern Palette Art Studio. Our goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the services and products that we provide. What makes us stand apart from other wine and paints is that we encourage you to choose a paint project from our gallery that you want to do.  We don't have a calendar of paintings that are only available to you on certain days and then they're gone.  Our paintings are available every day and we add new ones each week.


     We've often heard people talk about other wine and paints and that  they wanted to go with their group of friends but didn't like that everyone had to paint the same painting subject.  There was little to no flexibility.  We couldn't agree more!  Our studio is privately owned so we're able to offer the flexibility and creativity that you're looking for.  


     Choose the painting/project that you want, choose the colors that you want .  We always say, "It's your ocean, your sky, your moon, your beach, your turtle, your make it the way you want it."  We provide a sketch and guided lessons throughout your stay.  We've got you!  Let's do this.  We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us - please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.

Canvas size is dependent on the painting you choose.  Paintings are originally sketched on the desired canvas size for that particular subject.  If you would like a larger or smaller canvas, a minimal charge applies as a new sketch will have to be created.  

Hours and Location

Available Hours

What time would you like to come in?  Classes are usually by appointment.   Choose a date and time and then contact us for availability.  We often have scheduled classes but can usually accommodate your schedule, just ask.

  • Sunday Closed

  • Monday available 1:00-10:00 pm

  • Tuesday available 1:00-10:00 pm

  • Wednesday available 1:00-10:00 pm

  • Thursday available 1:00-10:00 pm

  • Friday available 1:00-10:00 pm

  • Saturday available 1:00-10:00 pm

Each day we close at 10:00 pm so the latest a class can be scheduled is 6:30 pm unless special arrangements are made.  We are closed on New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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